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Aubrey O Quot Day Poses Naked For Playboy Cover

O Day entire family with Hugh Hefner came to see the recovery process. The firing was so liberating, it is very class, simple and charming, Fox News quoted as saying in Kari Feinstein Sundance Style Lounge during the weekend.. American singer and actress Aubrey ODay revealed that she found posing for the cover of Playboy March issue very liberating.
28.1.09 09:19

Obama Using His Personal Appeal To Put Change Into Motion

George W Bush saw himself as a CEO president, effective Decider one that has relied on the feeding of like-minded thinkers to get things done, President Obama is proving quite another. In its first week in office, Obama is giving clear signs that he is willing to trade on its own popularity, personal suasion and loose-limbed ease in the spotlight to help him lead the nation..
28.1.09 09:19

Pregnant Paz Vega In Rainy Madrid

The couple are already parents 1/2-year-old Orson 1st. The 33-year-old has not yet confirmed the news, but specifies that the reports shes 2 months together. We reported yesterday that Spanglish actress Paz Vega and her husband Orson Salazar are expecting their second child. Paz and Orson are photos of shopping in Madrid during a rainy and cold days.
28.1.09 09:19

Samantha Ronson Spins Away In Canada

According to an insider StarzLife, the British took the DJ turntables at The Bank nightclub, showing the thin frame that has all the tabloid talk of possible health problems.. Apparently always in high demand in the north of the border, Samantha Ronson was working in Edmonton Alberta during the weekend.
28.1.09 09:19

Madonna Stolen In The Night

He believes that the thieves can be hidden inside the church when Arundell Street closed Friday night. 1. And the second time in a few months that one of the churches have been subject to criminal. Saturday morning Father Andrew Fewings discovered the work was missing. Almost life-size sculpture Virgin Mary was stolen from a church Benalla. A door was forced open from the inside so that it may also have been to church, he said. 8m high, bronze and mahogany Madonna in San Josephs Catholic Church was last seen on Friday and the pastor believes that it would have taken at least two people to move.
28.1.09 09:19

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